Tito's Ceviche and Pisco combines Latin American, Asian flavors: opening alert

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Peruvian food owes a debt to Asia. That influence is clear at Tito's Ceviche and Pisco on Magazine Street. Lomo saltado, a classic Peruvian dish, is a beef stir fry, albeit with potatoes on the side. Tiraditos, slices of raw fish, are a take on sashimi covered in lime and kernels of Peruvian corn. Ceviche, Tito's signature dish, is common throughout Latin American and the Caribbean, but in Peru, it takes a cue from Japan: The raw fish is tossed with citrus just before its served so that it cooked less in the acidic liquid...

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— Todd A. Price

Tito's restaurant adds vibrant, new flavors to Uptown: a first-look review

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I thought I knew a thing or two about Peruvian food. I've eaten my share of ceviches. I've tasted lomo saltado and papa a la huancaina at a friend's home and in restaurants. And, I've sipped a fair number of pisco sours, made with the clear brandy that Peru claims as its national drink...

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— Todd A. Price

Tito's Ceviche & Pisco

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New Orleans is a tapestry of food cultures. From the earliest influences of Spanish, French and African cuisine 300 years ago, to the eventual introduction of Vietnamese, Italian and other European food identities, the weave is myriad and diverse. Our most famous Cajun and Creole dishes incorporate the flavors from all these ethnic groups and more, creating gastronomic experiences that are often imitated yet seldom duplicated...

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— Leslie Almeida

Carla’s Menu: Tito’s Ceviche & Pisco

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NEW ORLEANS – On this Carla’s Menu I’m taking you to an authentic Peruvian restaurant, Tito’s Ceviche & Pisco. This quaint little restaurant and bar is located in uptown on Magazine street and makes you feel like you are stepping into Peru...

— Carla Pesono